Create Your First Website Using HTML, CSS & Javascript

taught by Megan O

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Course description


For students in grades 5-8 with beginner programming or web development experience, we’ve combined the Introduction to HTML/CSS/Javascript into one program. This program incorporates HTML elements, attributes, and properties but gives a fuller picture of how to create a website. Students learn how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) elements, attributes, and properties are used to create beautiful looking webpages. while incorporating Javascript to create pop-up windows or change an HTML element when certain events occur. The student can use the concepts learned in this module to create a personal website highlighting their accomplishments, hobbies and admirable qualities, making it a great program for students applying to academies or colleges.

Megan O
Megan O
Senior Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Megan! As a Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer, I'm excited to work with the national nonprofit, Goodgirls Write Code, to teach you how to create your first website using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Goodgirls Write Code computer science programs supply teachers with the resources they need to teach computer science concepts and programming languages in the classroom. All program toolkits come fully equipped with teacher and student instructional materials, tutorials and practice exercises to incorporate a computer science program in the sponsor/teacher’s school. Our objective is to make learning STEM education fun through hands-on, interactive computer science programs that include programming, software development, web design and 3D printing.

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