Introduction to Programming Using Scratch

taught by Callie W

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Course description

This program is for the beginner programmer. Scratch uses hands-on interactive blocks of code or scripts to build a program. The student will use all of the blocks available in Scratch to build 3 separate games using characters, animation, and color over a 5 hour course. This course can be split up into one-hour sessions per week or into 5 separate coding events. Each presentation comes with a complete step by step guide to be used in the classroom, after-school club or coding event. (Requirements include internet access and setting up a free Scratch account online.)

Callie W
Callie W


I am excited to share my passion for computers with children worldwide. I have been with Goodgirls Write Code from the beginning! It has been a wonderful opportunity to help build this organization and watch it flourish. I enjoy every minute of educating and empowering students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM!

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