Introduction to C++

taught by Sarah James

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Course description


For students in grades 6-12, this program includes the fundamental skills necessary for students to write their first program using the C++ programming language.It includes step-by-step instructions teaching the student about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages and using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to compile programs. Students will learn basic C++ skills such as:

  • cin
  • cout
  • variables and types
  • operators
  • classes
  • data members
  • functions
  • if statements
  • if-else statements
  • if-then-else statements
  • switch statements
  • (Requirements include the free and open-source Codeblocks IDE. The Codeblocks tutorial is included with this toolkit.)
Sarah  James
Sarah James
Programmer and Goodgirls Write Code Instructor

Good Girls Write Code programs supply teachers with the resources they need to teach computer science concepts and programming languages in the classroom. All program toolkits come fully equipped with teacher and student instructional materials, tutorials and practice exercises to incorporate a computer science program in school. So, let's get started!

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Codeblocks Tutorial
Lesson 2 - Tutorial on "variables" and "cin"
Lesson 3 - Classes
Lesson 4 - If Statements
Lesson 5 - If, Else Statements
Lesson 6 - If, Else If, Else Statements
Lesson 7 - Switch Statements
Lesson 8 - Review and Additional Practice